Godi Suwarna

© Deden Bulqini
Godi Suwarna was born in West Java and works as a poet and a prose writer. Since his studies in Bandung, he has written a lot of prose and poems in his first mother tongue Sundanese and published them in several books, such as: Antologi Puisi Sunda Mutakhir (the Anthology of Recent Sundanese Poems), Jagad Alit (A little World, 1979), Surat-Surat Kaliwat (the Forgotten Letters, 1984), Blues-Kere Lauk (Blues – Poor Food, 1992), Sajak Dongeng S Ujang (S-Ujang’s Fairy Tales, 1998). He also wrote some short stories: Murang-Maring (1980), Serat Sastrawarna (Letters of Colourful Literary, 1995) and many others. He has received various awards for his dedication to the creative art for preserving the Sundanese cultural heritage in literature. He also founded the periodical art event Nyiar Lumar in Ciamis, Southwest Java, as his effort of maintaining the ancient Sundanese Galu’ tradition.